land of the rishis

Rishikesh is situated in the Himalayan foothills and on the banks of the Holy river Ganges. It’s about 24 km from Haridwar and well-known for its history. For thousands of years many Holy men (Rishis, Sadhus and Yogis) have been living and performing their yogic practice (sadhana) here. These intense meditational practices combined with the magnificent vibrations from the Himalaya and Ganges definitely make this a special spot on Earth. It is a great place to nourish the soul and uplift your consciousness. 

Rishikesh is an ideal destination not only for those who want to delve deeper into yoga and meditation but also for pilgrims and the adventurous.

Rishikesh is the gateway and the start-off point for journeys to important religious sites like Sri Neelakanth, Haridwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri.

adventurous travellers
Rishikesh is the starting place for trekking expeditions and excursions to the Himalayan peaks. It is also becoming well-known as a centre for white-water rafting, other river sports, a base for treks and hikes in the beautiful Garhwal Himalayas, for example to:
- Nanda Devi East and Milam Galcier Trek 
- Kuari Pass Trek
- Mount Stock Kangari 
- Kalindi Khal Trek (5950M)

Pilgrimage sites
SRI NEELAKANTH - is associated with the ancient legend about Lord Shiva, who drank the poison that was churned up from the oceans in order to obtain the nectar of immortality. The Shiva Temple here was constructed as a memorial of this legend.

HARIDWAR - is the doorway to ancient pilgrim centres in the Himalayas and a place with many ashrams and temples. The big Ganga arti at night is worth a visit too.

BADRINATH - Badrinath is situated between Nara and the Narayana mountains on the banks of Alakananda, one of the tributaries of the Ganges (altitude 3130 meters). The Badrinath temple was constructed 1200 years ago by Master Sankara, the proponent of the Advaitha Philosophy. The hot spring in front of the temple is a boon to the pilgrims in the freezing cold. One of the seven great saints Bhrugu, lived in Bhrugu Gufa and Vyasa, while the compiler of the Vedas (the Indian scriptures), lived in Vyasa Gufa. Both are caves situated in Badrinath. Vyas Gupha is situated in Mana, the last Indian village from where one can go to legendary places such as Swargarohini etc beyond which is China. It is here in this cave that Vyasa compiled the Indian Vedas.

GANGOTRI - In ancient times Gangotri was considered the source of the Ganges.

YAMUNOTRI - the source of the holy river Jamuna. It is situated at an altitude of 3400 meters above sea level.

KEDARNATH - The ancient Shiva Temple is here in a truly beautiful location.