ayurvedic healing programs 

to uplift the spirit of true joy

Our aim is to offer sincere and effective programs to improve the quality of life, with less stress and more joy. 

our programs 
-  Detoxification program to purify body and mind by removing toxics
-  Anti stress program to reduce tension in body mind and heart

based on Ayurveda & Natural therapy
The treatments are based on AyurvedaNaturopathy Therapy and Yogic Therapy. 

All programs are taken under the guidance of our qualified Ayurvedic - Yoga therapists.

how to book?
step 1:  click here for the onlinebookingpage.
step 2:
 Once we have received the requestform we will check availability and in case we can take your booking we'll send you an invoice for a 30% deposit for your stay.
step 3: The remaining 70% must be payed on your arrival day in the ashram. In Euro, GBP, US dollar or Indian Rupees.

For more information please mail us on namasteADDhimalayanyogashram.com.
When emailing us do change ADD into @ 

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