about Yogi Ram

Yogi Ram
Born in Rishikesh, Yogi Ram grew up in a traditional Brahmin family. The wealth of Indian traditions was part of his life since he was a young boy. It was at this early age that he already felt a strong urge to delve deeper into the mysteries of nature and life.

yoga sadhana
Although different saints and Yogi’s crossed his path during his childhood, in high school and at university, the real turning point towards a holistic yogic life took place in his early twenties. While he was building up his music business Ram realized that his ‘modern life ambitions’ were not giving him the quality of life he was looking for. Peace and satisfaction were missing. This turned him back to his traditional roots. A long period of intense yoga sadhana and self-study followed.

RamGurujiSepiahis Mentor
Swami Hanuman Giri (Guruji) is Ram's spiritual father. A great Indian Saddhu who is guiding Ram on his spiritual path. Guruji performed his sadhana back in the forest and high Himalaya for over 35 years. He was and still is completely focused on the science of Self Realization. His presence is a tremendous blessing.

Himalayan Yog Ashram
The ashram has been founded with the blessing of Guruji. It is Guruji’s wish to offer true Traditional Yoga from the source. This is why he has named it 'Himalayan Yog!' according to the tradition.

Yogi Ram inspires many people in East and West with his teachings. He is giving yoga and spiritual retreats in Italy, France, the Netherlands and Korea.

He graduated from University in Political Science and Sociology, he also obtained a Master Degree in Yoga and Philosofy.