The crown chakra

Few Words About The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is usually the last to be awakened. It is the same size as the other chakras but as the person progresses on the Path of spiritual advancement, it increases steadily until it covers the entire top (crown) of the head.

Like the other chakras, at first, the Crown Chakra is a depression in the etheric body and the divine force flows in from without. But when the person realizes his position as the king of the divine light through the development of this chakra, the Crown Chakra reverses itself and turns itself inside out! In other words, it no longer is a channel of reception but a channel of radiation; it no longer is a depression but a prominence above the head – it radiates outward like a dome, like a crown of glory! Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh

This illuminated Crown chakra is symbolically represented as the halo above and around the heads of Saints. It is an ancient truth that is still used today. Sadly, however, its original purpose has been long ago forgotten, or lost – until now!

Each chakra is perpetually rotating. At the mouth of the chakra, a divine force from the higher world flows. Without this inrush of primary energy, the physical body could not exist.

The chakra centers are in constant operation in all of us. In the undeveloped person, they are usually in sluggish motion, just forming the necessary vortex for the force to enter, and not much more than that. However, in the more evolved person, they may be glowing and pulsating with living light so that an enormous amount of energy passes through them.

The divine energy that pours into each chakra from without sets up at right angles to itself secondary forces in an oscillating circular motion. Think of this like a magnet that produces a current around a coil at right angles to its axis.

After entering the vortex, the primary force radiates from it at right angles as straight lines, as though the center of the vortex was the hub of a wheel and the radiations of the primary force were the spokes.

The force of these spokes seem to bind the astral and etheric bodies together like grappling-hooks. The number of these spokes differs in each chakra, which determines the number of petals each chakra exhibits. This is why the chakras have been described in oriental books as resembling flowers.

Each of the secondary forces, which sweep around the saucer- shaped depressions, has its own wavelength and moves along large petals of various sizes. The number of petals is determined by the number of spokes in the wheel, and the secondary force weaves itself under and over the radiating currents of the primary force like a basket might be woven around the spokes of a wheel – the number of wavelengths being infinitesimal.

All the petals have a shimmering effect, like the mother-of-pearl, yet each has its own predominant color. This silvery aspect is associated in Sanskrit works with the gleam of moonlight on the surface of the water.

Original illustration from The Chakra-Handbook by Shalila Sharamon and Bodo j. Baginski

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