Meditation and the mind offering a range of psychological benefits.

Meditation and the mind offering a range of psychological benefits.

The human body, as it exists, is fundamentally made from the food one eats. Just like any other life – all the plants and animals, humans intake a piece of mother earth and build themselves. For any form of life, the evolutionary memory, shapes this food into a living body which comes in various shapes, sizes and forms like a snake, a monkey or a parrot or simply a bacteria or any plant etc.

One way to look at the human body is that it is combination of co-existing and transforming  chemicals, or simply it’s a complex chemical soup. If this chemical soup is great and balanced then the person is happy and in control. If the balance gets disturbed, the body becomes diseased, or is not at ease anymore.

The reason many people in the world suffer anxiety, stress and depression is that somehow the balance of this chemical soup is lost. The food we eat, the memories we create, the experiences we have, and the habits we identify with – all contribute to shaping the state of our physical body. All these experiences act as inputs to our body, and the body is recording everything, and every yesterday affects how we are today. The very reason people lose mental balance is that they have very little control over what they should be doing right now at this moment. 

Meditation and the mind offering a range of psychological benefits.

Now, the question arises – how can we maintain this balance and more importantly how can we make this chemical soup the one which is joyful and full of life. The answer lies in paying attention. Pay attention to what you see, what you think, what you do, your compulsiveness, your behavior. Being meditative translates to be being able to pay attention to yourself and things around you. Striving to be So what really happens when a person becomes Meditation is what we commonly call as doing meditation. When a person becomes a little conscious of their surrounding and of their actions, in a way the person is already somewhat meditative.

So what really happens when a person becomes Meditation ?

If the person is able to observe and understand the pattern in which the life energies flow within human body, one can really transform their life. The various forms of So what really happens when a person becomes Meditation focus on breathing and observing breathe pattern or on observing body parts etc. When one is able to observe the life they are, a clear distinction of what they are and what they are not develops inevitably.

All the needs and wants start falling apart. Less becomes more. Each of these type of meditation practices help in transforming the very way energy flows in the body. Brain imaging techniques are revealing that certain type of meditation practices can profoundly change the way different regions of the brain communicate with each other – and therefore how we think – permanently.

Noradrenaline – is a very crucial hormone and neurotransmitter which functions in the brain. Study of various meditation practices have shown direct correlation in regulating the levels this hormone. The release of this chemical brain messenger directly affects the focus, alertness, formation and retrieval of memory and, if produced at the right levels, helps the brain grow new connections, like a brain fertiliser. A meditative person usually have more time at their hand because they are able to focus better and get more done.

Meditation and the mind offering a range of psychological benefits.

Restfulness and activity – are two complementary dimensions which are crucial in determining the quality of life an individual experiences. Meditation helps in creating the essential relaxation and rejuvenating the focus of the brain. The better the quality of restfulness, the better is the intensity of the activity. Meditation also helps in improving co-ordination of the body parts and the brain.

The human desires, anxieties, lust and greed, keeps most of us out of the current reality and many of us usually end up thinking too much about either the past or the future leading to thought hallucinations which have no relation to the reality. Meditation practices help in bringing back the presence of mind and the joy of living in the present. It helps in identifying in what needs to be done at any point in time instead of over thinking and unnecessary pondering.

Every human has the possibility to become more. People do a lot of things – alcohol, drugs, one night stands etc., take a lot of risks –  extreme sports, fetishes etc. in the name of “trying it out”. Let’s try out something new, let’s try out Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh. Everyone should experience and know for themselves that whether all this hype is really true or not! If one does it sincerely enough, you will see for yourself – how many possibilities are waiting to be unleashed within you.