Yoga Sutras Tradition and Practice


The module on “Yoga Sutras Tradition and Practice” aims to delve into the philosophical foundations of Yoga through the study of Patanjali’s Yog Sutras. By combining traditional recitation and modern explanation, the course bridges ancient wisdom with contemporary Hatha Yog and meditation practices. Below is a detailed breakdown of the program and its context:

Course Outline

Yoga Sutras Tradition and Practice
  • Recitation of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Understanding the importance of recitation in preserving the oral tradition.

Learning the correct pronunciation and rhythm of the sutras.

  • Yamas and Niyamas

Detailed study of the ethical and moral codes in Yog.

Application of these principles in modern life and practice.

  • Historical Context

Exploration of Yog’s roots in ancient Indian culture.

Development from Vedic traditions through the classical period.

  • Influence of Buddhism

Examination of how Buddhist philosophy and practice influenced the development of Yoga.

Comparative study of Buddhist and Yogic principles.

  • Understanding the Sutras through Vedanta

Interpreting the Yog Sutras from the perspective of Vedanta philosophy.

Identifying similarities and differences in the philosophical outlooks.

  • Elements Rescued by the Nathas

Study of the Nath tradition and its contribution to Hatha Yoga.

Understanding the evolution of physical practices in Yog.

  • Basic Concepts of the Yoga Sutras for Contemporary Practice

Application of key sutras in modern Hatha Yog and meditation.

Integrating philosophical insights into practical techniques.

About Education Yoga

Education Yoga is a contemporary Hatha Yog methodology developed by Mauricio. This approach integrates Yog with psychomotricity and education, aimed at children and adults alike. The methodology:

Yoga Sutras Tradition and Practice

Combines Tradition with Science: Maintains traditional Yoga roots while incorporating scientific and pedagogical research.

Adaptable Teaching Techniques: Tailored for diverse environments like schools, yog studios, gyms, and companies.

Pioneering Integration in Schools: Successfully implemented Yog into regular school curriculums, benefiting various age groups.

Target Audience

This course is designed for:

Yoga Practitioners and Instructors: To deepen their understanding and enhance their teaching methods.

Students and Professionals in Related Fields: Such as psychomotorists, psychopedagogues, physical educators, and psychologists, who wish to incorporate Yog into their practices.

Anyone Interested in Yoga Education: Aiming to apply Yog principles in educational or professional settings.

Course Objectives

Enhance Knowledge and Practice: By providing a thorough understanding of Yoga’s philosophical and technical aspects.

Foster Collaborative Learning: Creating an environment for participants to share experiences and learn from each other.

Establish Study Centers: Developing permanent hubs for Yog study across Brazil to promote continuous learning and community building.

Incorporating Rishikesh Insights

Integrating teachings from Rishikesh, renowned for its traditional and comprehensive Yog training, will enrich the course by:

Offering Diverse Perspectives: Bringing advanced techniques and methodologies to the participants.

Enhancing Teaching Quality: By incorporating proven practices from one of Yog most respected training hubs.


This course on “Yog Sutras Tradition and Practice” not only aims to preserve and understand ancient Yog traditions but also seeks to make them relevant and accessible to contemporary practitioners. By blending historical knowledge with modern scientific insights, it offers a holistic approach to Yog education, fostering personal and professional growth among participants.

Incorporating insights from Yoga Teacher training in Rishikesh, known for its rich tradition and comprehensive teaching methodologies, can significantly enrich these study centers. Participants will benefit from diverse perspectives and advanced techniques, furthering the overall mission of spreading yog education and practice.